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About Us

About Antisickness LLC

We at Antisickness LLC provide an Online Antisickness Natural Health Directory which our clients use in order to find the most suitable natural remedies and products to help them stay healthy and increase their wellbeing. At we have compiled a comprehensive product list of natural supplements, vitamins and other products to help you feel better, look better, sleep better and stay healthy every day.

Our business model is simple – we are a membership only directory, providing all the valuable information on the different types of health products we have compiled in our database. Users can pay from as little as $10 for a lifetime membership, which is a donation to support our cause and to make it possible for our team to continue working on providing valuable information for all our members.

We are not a marketplace but provide links to many online retailers who stock the products that can be found in our directory. Our members can purchase the products in partner’s sites and we actively encourage them to return to to leave a review in order to enrich our database and help other members in the future.

We’ve compiled awesome nutritional supplements in all areas, from vitamins for your hair to sleep solutions. With us you’ll sleep better than you’ve ever slept and you’ll wake up fresh with a head full of lustrous hair! Do you have a vitamin deficiency? We guarantee you’ll find the right supplement in our directory. Have you been in a grouchy mood? We’ve created a list of supplements like organic one pill daily vitamin that will have you smiling in no time!

This directory is here for you to search through. When you find something that you think will help, click on the product and you’ll be directed to a website where you can purchase it.

Our membership price is $10, a low price for such priceless information which covers all of your usage of the Antisickness Natural Health Directory—now and in the future. We will always be here to help you be in control of your health.

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